Manage Your Company with
AI Business Assistant

We offer a new generation of A.I. services that can easily be customized for your company's needs. Sales, customer support, project management, meeting notes, call center logs...

Learn How It Works

Take your Company to the next level

Use our AI Assistant to analyze, optimize and run your business. We integrate your company's documents, logs and data to train and educate our assistant.

Control Panel

Dashboard to analyze the resources, Assistant reports and more about your company.

Conversation Based Interface

Ask questions, upload files, send voice notes; your assistant will give you the answer right-away.

Key Performance Indicators

Understand how the new solutions returns on your business by automatically generated statistical reports.

Efficiency Analysis

Compare the results with employees and AI assisted solutions.

How does it work?

Step 01

Connect your company documents

Meeting notes, call records, documents, chats and more...

Step 02

Select the features

  • Chatbot
  • Summarization
  • Planning
  • Transcribing
  • Translation
  • Classification
Step 03

Start Talking to Your AI Assistant

Your assistant will feed itself with the provided data and help you and your customers along the journey

Suitable for any scale
startups to large enterprises


  • Call Center Automation
  • Meeting Tracking
  • Automated Project Management

Startup Solutions

  • Marketing Material
  • Target Selection
  • Project Analysis

Ecommerce Solutions

  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Customer Support Optimization

Aviation Solutions

  • Customer Pattern Recognition
  • Popular Destination Marking
  • Trend Forecasting

Blockchain Solutions

  • Whitepaper Chatbot
  • Discord AMA Integration
  • Contract Explanation

What are the technical capabilities?

The AI Assitant's capabilities as a technical list can be seen below.



Sentiment Analysis

Extraction, Question Answering


Data security

Powerful and Highly Customizable
AI Assistant

Team activities

Employee Performance Analysis

Understand what are the bottlenecks, how employees perform and how to improve the overall process.

Meetings & Projects

Meeting Management

Transcribe and summarize meetings, understand client's expectations, and runs your projects with the detailed reports.


Segment Clients and Customers

Each support request, call center log, meeting and customer behavior within the scope and limitations of GDPR, KVKK and California Privacy Act can be understood with our AI Assistant.

Integrate your favorite tools to complete your workflow


Google Cloud Platform
BigQuery, Buckets and more...


Recordings to Transcription and Summaries


Large chat analysis and exploration


Inbox and contact card integration


Project roadmap and management


Smarter marketing campaings


Folder and file feeding source


Smarter notebooks, and document analysis

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