LLM & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Language Models (LLMs) specifically focus on generating and understanding natural language. While Machine learning is a subset of AI that utilizes algorithms and statistical models to enable computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data, without being explicitly programmed.

A.I. Solutions

Vertex A.I.


A.I. Solution Architecture

With our unparalleled Vertex AI capabilities, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver the finest solutions.

Solution Architecture

We design and develop comprehensive strategies to leverage AI technologies and systems, aligning them with business objectives.


AI Model Training

AI model training is the process of using vast amounts of data to teach an artificial intelligence model to recognize patterns, make predictions, or perform specific tasks by adjusting its internal parameters through iterative optimization techniques.

The data sources can be setup depended to your situation:

  • Live feed
    • User uploads
    • Meeting notes
    • Video transcripts
    • Audio transcripts
    • Call records
  • Static sources
  • Multi-source
  • SQL
  • CDN Buckets

Model Design

The iterative process of creating, refining, and fine-tuning artificial intelligence models, encompassing data preparation, algorithm selection, training, evaluation, and optimization, to achieve desired performance and capabilities.

At this step we fine-tune the initial and on-going data provided by you and feed the system with your chat patterns and communication style.

  • Employee handbook
  • Decision notebook
  • Quick actions guide
  • Detailed Reports
  • Actions and triggers

Monitoring & Governance

The continuous observation and assessment of deployed AI models to ensure their performance, accuracy, and adherence to desired outcomes, as well as to identify potential issues, biases, or changes in data patterns that may require adjustments or updates to the model.