The newly emerging Metaverse space, with all its different platforms and applications, can be confusing to enter as a company and overwhelming to even properly compare. We help simplify the important takeaways, and assist your decision making processes.

Real world practical solutions.

Extended Reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, & Mixed Reality

We provide the technology support for our partners for establishing presence in the newly-emerging metaverse space.

The early model of Metaverse are defined by the capabilities of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We deploy our expertise to design graphichally rich VR and AR landscapes suiting our partners' needs.

Integration with other Metaverses

There is an arms race in the platform generation business. Currently, there are various popular metaverse platforms such as Roblox, Decentraland and VRChat. We help with integrating our partners' needs for establishing presence in these platforms.



Decentraland integration from scratch, such as from purchasing the virtual real estate, 3D venue design, to efforts that require more hands-on approach such as collectibles design and user experience (UX) management.



We also provide VRChat integration for virtual workspace and learning space applications addressing our partners' particular needs. This includes setting up customized privacy settings, customized access settings for virtual meetings, enriched customer service environments and so on.



Roblox integration with 3D venue design, in-app purchase structure, UX management, user data analytics and real-time environment management.

Custom Solutions

Current solutions using established infrastructure do not answer the commercial needs of your company? We are here to help create customized solutions in a seamless fashion to help enable smooth transition of your company from real world spaces to meta spaces.


3D Design

Creating customized metaverse spaces for displaying collections to the target audience, for organizations such as museums and galleries.


Project Development

From integrated marketing communications and applications, 3D venue design, metaverse marketplace development and metaverse app development, Atatek Corporation helps its business partners in building an innovative marketing campaign using the popular developments in virtual and semivirtual environments.