NFT (Non-fungible Tokens)

NFT's are more than uploading static images or videos to popular platforms. Here are the best use cases for companies.

Real world practical solutions.

Multi-Tennant Curated NFT Marketplace

Collectioner / Art

Creating and launching brand-specific NFT collections with collectibles including items of varying rarities. Our collections include phytigal items, with physical collectibles backing digital collections, addressing marketing needs of our partners.

Ready to Go Smart Contracts

There are certain quickly implementable solutions we have in our hands.


Event, Concert Ticketing

Our NFT solution to provide access to real-life events as well as digital ones. Atatek NFT ticketing products extend from concerts and festivals to educational and commercial events with customizable minting and burning mechanisms, suiting the needs of our respective partners.



Atatek's NFT certification applications provide publicly auditable certificates. Our pilot application includes tree certificates for reforestation efforts. Atatek NFT certificates also include training and education certificates, publicly available for viewing on blockchain.



Our Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) enables us to provide NFT badges for individuals attending a certain event, as well as proving their accomplishments in various rewards programs for attending physical events as well as digital attendance to our partners' campaigns.



Our gaming concept allows us to create customized gaming experiences, such as customized fantasy leagues providing true ownership of NFTs of league participants such as players and teams.

Custom Solutions

We provide more tailor made solutions for your company.



Whether our partners want to penetrate a currently active NFT marketplace, or they need to set up their own, we have the technical capacity to cater for their needs.


Project Development

It can be frustrating to try to figure out beforehand what can be done, where to even start and how to estimate what the financials would look like along the way. Luckily, we assist our partners in every step of the way.